If your looking for superior indoor comfort, increased privacy and protection from interior fading that blends perfectly with any decor and lifestyle, look no further than Sunshield Awnings exterior retractable solar screen systems.

Sunshield Awnings solar screen systems are designed to blend with any home decor while providing maximum protection from solar glare and heat gain. Sunshield Awnings offers a wide variety of designs and styles.

We also offer simple gear-operated roller curtains and rope-and-pully shades. Hundreds of available fabrics to choose from including 100% solution-dyed acrylic and vinyl mesh.

Health Benefits Accrued When You Install Patio solar screen

Florida is known for its weather and tourists enjoy traveling to this destination from other states in America to get some sun and fun. The residents living in Florida may find the sun over-powering during certain days and worry about sunburns and others types of skin cancer that can cause problems with their health.

Homeowners are now enjoying the advantages of solar screen for their patios, decks and also for covering the swimming pool area. Many people install sun-rooms, spa-rooms and games-rooms in their backyard and enclose the area to increase the living space. This not only adds to the resale value of the home but also makes it look more luxurious and beautiful. For those who seek privacy from prying neighbors, this is a great option for enjoying your option of bringing the outdoors into your home.

When you opt for a screened enclosure you enjoy the following benefits

  1. The resale value of your home is automatically enhanced
  2. By selecting the right design and finish you make your home aesthetically more beautiful
  3. You can match the design and color to the existing style of your home
  4. By selecting standard quality materials, you ensure protection and security for the family
  5. Your home is protected from insects, wild animals and other critters and pests
  6. You maintain privacy and do not have to worry about supervision of kids and pets
  7. You are able to reduce the effects of the harsh rays of the sun by providing shade and respite
  8. It is possible to control the climate settings and lowering temperatures in the enclosure
  9. The area is now protected from outside elements and therefore free from debris, leaves and other types of trash
  10. Low maintenance as you do not have to worry about keeping it clean

Considering the entire plus factors mentioned above, it is no wonder that homeowners are interested in opting for patio solar screen. It is a worthwhile investment when comparing the tangible assets of the home against the stock market which is highly unpredictable.

Enjoy the outdoors not just in summer

When you build a patio screen enclosure, you should ensure that it is installed correctly and into the ground. These enclosures do not require a new foundation and can be built over existing decks and patios. The room that is enclosed can be enjoyed in different seasons as you can sit protected in your enclosed space and view the outside world even when it is raining or there are high wind forces hovering in the area.

You can enjoy the view first thing in the morning as you sip your coffee or watch the snowfall when you are relaxing on the patio. Enjoy the various hues of the leaves in autumn as you loll on the patio on a holiday. How about a game of poker or scrabble with your friends while you are organizing a cook-out? The possibilities are endless and you should maximize the enjoyment when you decide to get the patio screen enclosure for your home.

Your furniture will remain protected and you can relax comfortably in this area which feels like a living room. Install a cooling system or even a heating system in the patio to control the temperature. Children do not have to feel restricted when it is raining outside as they can romp around and continue to play games on the patio. Life could not get better in sunny Florida when you decide to enjoy outdoor enjoyment as you bring it in your home and remain safe and secure.