Beautiful and practical, Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergolas provide functional and aesthetic purposes with a fully maintenance-free structure.Every Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergola is engineered to assemble quickly and precisely in your yard or garden. Every design detail has been carefully considered to enhance its aesthetic appeal. From any angle, your aluminum pergola reflects our commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Functional as well as Beautiful
Each and every component of your Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergolas have been engineered to assemble with flawless fit and finish. Every design detail has been carefully considered to enhance the aesthetic appeal and natural appearance.

Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergolas are built to last with heavy duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum coated with our exclusive Aluma-Shield™ paint finish to ensure that your new Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergola will provide lasting low-maintenance enjoyment for you and your family many years to come. Other features of your Sunshield Awnings aluminum pergola include:

-Weather-resistant Aluma-Shield™ paint finish withstands the harshest conditions, protecting your investment from the ravages of sun, rain, wind and extreme temperatures.
– A choice of six popular colors help match your new aluminum pergola to your home, your style and your outdoor décor.
– Richly finishes simulate real wood for a more authentic, charming appearance.
– Color-matched fasteners integrate and blend in with the structure for a more pleasing appearance.

The Pergola Covers can be modified in size and shape as you request. This is the main advantage you get by working with us. You don’t have to care how your area looks; we will design the perfect product to cover your area and to assure your needs.

Our team of architects and engineers is ready to process all the information of the place and create pergola in different dimensions to be the perfect item for your place. If necessary, we provide consultancy and best solutions by phone to help potential customers in the process of taking decisions and have them happy for their choice.

The Pergola Covers are very suitable for residential but also for commercial and it helps you increase your outside space.

Our Pergola Roof is a Retractable Pergola that can be motorized or manual, depending of your request an budget . This type of retractable pergola canopy is very suitable for shade and for rain. We are manufacturing retractable pergola awnings which is made in powder coated aluminum that never rusts (Aluminum Pergola) and for this reason does not need to much maintenance (just lubrication once in a while).